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Although it's the middle of hurricane season, instead of a hurricane, how about putting a Typhoon in your life. These three 2012 125cc Scoots don't even mind playing on a dirt road. Only $2700 for a lot of fun, 65-70 mpg and one year warranty. Come try one out any day or during Vespa Demo Days Saturday, September 13th.

It's OK to ride "white" after Labor Day! White sale at Country Rode. What a great value, these 2012 Vespa LX 150s at $4350 include a year's warranty. If you're looking to reduce your gasoline bill and have fun doing it, these are the best little commuters and ideal for running errands.

Great Deals on Vespas!

Current Vespa and Piaggio Models

Brand Model Description Base Price
Vespa300 SuperThe quickest fastest Vespa ever produced and the styling to boot. 300cc liquid cooled and fuel injected.$6,199
VespaGTS Super SportThe Sport Special Edition of the Vespa embodies the values of style, comfort, safety and sportiness of the most widely recognized scooter in the world while citing legendary models such as the 1955 Vespa GS 150, the 1965 180 SS and the T5 “Pole Position” from 1985. The Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE is a blend of character and performance. The 300cc electronic injection engine brings out maximum performance, whether in the city or on country roads. The graphics along the side of the rear fairing and the sport saddle with white piping complete the sporty look of the Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE. The Satin Black finish rounds out the look nicely, giving the Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE a masculine, modern aesthetic.$6,399
VespaGTS300The Vespa GTS 300 i.e. maintains the fundamental characteristics which make every Vespa an incomparable vehicle in the scooter world--the monocoque body, made entirely from steel is a construction philosophy which ensures legendary sturdiness, reliability and superior rigidity, all to the advantage of riding precision.$6,199
VespaGTVThe Vespa GTV 300 i.e. stands out for refinement: in its forms and functions, reinterpreting the hallmark elements of 1950's and 60's Vespa models. Powered by a modern and powerful 300cc liquid cooled four-stroke four-valve engine, the Vespa GTV 300 i.e. offers unrivalled flexibility and responsiveness due to the use of fuel injection, which also significantly lowers fuel consumption and emissions.$6,999
VespaLX150The Vespa LX 150 i.e. is the heir of a truly unique legacy, created for getting around the city on a technologically modern scooter that shows off an individualistic style.The Vespa LX 150 i.e. high-tech electronic fuel injected engine delivers smoother power progression in the relentless stop-start conditions of urban riding. The impressive capabilities of the 150cc engine will shine through as any roader hits the road to get out of town.$4,600
VespaLX50Vespa has always been in constant technological evolution. The robust and reliable 4-stroke, 4-valve, air-cooled engine powering the Vespa LX 50 4V offers proverbial fuel efficiency and low running costs, gaining even better performances both in power and torque that are now available at lower engine speeds.$3,399
VespaLXVThe Vespa LXV 150 i.e., the smaller model in the “vintage” family, cleverly reinterprets some of the traditional design of the classic 60’s Vespa models, blending it with a sophisticated electronic fuel injection system and powerful modern engine. The clean 150cc running engine offers low fuel consumption, smooth power delivery and enhanced riding pleasure both in city traffic and on longer routes.$5,599
VespaS 150 Sport S.E.The Vespa S Sport SE, reminiscent of the 1970s Vespa models, brings out the sport spirit of Vespa with its minimalist aesthetic but high performance. The Sport graphics and the single seat saddle with white piping for the 50cc version convey a further sporty touch. The black wheels and red spring enhance the Vespa S Sport's essential elegance even more, which complement the bold new Satin Black color.$4,599
PiaggioBV35016 inch wheels for better stability. BV 350 features a brand new, state-of-the-art, single cylinder 350cc engine. With the power of a 400cc and the compact dimensions and light weight of a 300cc, the BV 350 sets a new standard in the maxi-scooter segment.$5,499
PiaggioFly150Technologically advanced, the Fly 150 inherits Piaggio's tradition of combining safety, reliability, and practicality with an eye-catching elegantly crafted design. The 12" alloy wheels and large tubeless tires also contribute to greater stability and agility in traffic, and the low seat is perfect for riders of all heights.$2,999
PiaggioFly50Sporty looks, a sturdy frame and responsive engine make the Fly50 ideal companion. A 50cc, single cylinder, four-stroke engine and sporty 12-inch tires with alloy wheels to make for a stable and smooth ride.$2,199
PiaggioMP3A revolutionary addition to the world of transportation. This thing re-defines the concept of stability.$7,199
PiaggioMP3 400The revolutionary MP3 now with more power. 400cc liquid cooled and fuel injected.$8,699
PiaggioMP3 500Faster, quicker and meaner. This MP3 turns heads!$8,899
PiaggioTyphoon 125The Piaggio Typhoon is designed in Italy and fully automatic with a new 125cc fuel efficient engine. You’ll bound over city streets and country roads comfortably with new fatter tires, a stronger tubular steel frame, and a lower seat height.$2,699
PiaggioTyphoon 50Get up to 144 mpg and reach speeds up to 40 mph on the all-new Piaggio Typhoon 50, available now in U.S. Piaggio dealerships.$1,899

Base prices (in US dollars) do not include optional accessories and are subject to change without notice. Piaggio/Vespa prices do not include dealer preparation, destination charges, tax or registration fees.

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